Quiet Places to Relax On Long Beach Island

Relax your mind and body at the Jersey Shore this summer! Get a much needed and well-deserved break on Long Beach Island. It’s easy to find quiet places to relax on Long Beach Island and enjoy the peaceful ambiance at the beaches, parks, and bays of LBI in New Jersey.

The Right Time for a Vacation to Long Beach Island

When is it officially time for a vacation? Is it when your daily routine gets mundane? Or, when the pressure of work and life feels too heavy? When you want to get a suntan and finally read that new book? A vacation to relax on Long Beach Island is exactly what you need.

Whether you want to take up a calming hobby or do nothing at all, there are plenty of options in Long Beach Island. Visit in the summer time and let the sun rays hit your skin on the beach, or enjoy the water by kayaking, fishing or surfing. Visit the Barnegat Lighthouse and gaze upon the horizon of the sunshine over the ocean. Spend time with the one you love at a romantic dinner by the beach. Attend an art festival and meet with local creators. Or, do nothing at all and just enjoy the peaceful environment. No matter what you’re looking to get out of your summer vacation, planning a vacation on Long Beach Island is a breeze.

Relax on Long Beach Island

Find Quiet Places to Relax on Long Beach Island

Long Beach Island offers ample places for peace and relaxation. Found within the borough of Beach Haven, you can find so many serene places to relax your mind, body, and spirit. Take a yoga class on the beach or visit the library to get lost in a world of books. Wander through the Maritime Museum or walk around the art galleries. If you like to go fishing, you can find yourself at the bayside fishing docks or the oceanfront piers. The Jersey Shore has plenty of exciting fun year round, but it doesn’t have to be all about the action and noise. If you’re looking for a quiet place to just be low key, you can hang out in the less touristy parts of the island.

Barnegat Light, Long Beach Island

The northern part of LBI is called Barnegat Light. Here, you can visit parks and have picnic, go hiking and fishing and a birdwatching trail. There’s a camping area and plenty of bed-and-breakfast lodging alternatives. Most notably, the Barnegat Lighthouse is a great place to enjoy the views and get some fresh air. Climb the 217 steps all the way up to the top for a beautiful look at the Atlantic Ocean. It will take your breath away.

Northern Beach Haven, Long Beach Island

The most popular spot on LBI is the borough called Beach Haven. While Beach Haven is a hub of activity in the summer, the northern parts of Beach Haven are much calmer. Beach Haven Gardens and Spray Beach are two of the quieter sections- perfect for a relaxing place to stay. It’s easy to get to the restaurants and beaches and shops when you’re staying in northern Beach Haven. Many of these things are within walking distance, including the Bay Village and Schooner’s Wharf shopping districts. There are beaches on the oceanside and on the parks on the bayside, and it’s easy to get around this part of Long Beach Island. A free shuttle runs up and down Long Beach Island Boulevard, if you’d rather not walk down.

Long Beach Island New Jersey

Booking a Quiet Hotel and Relax on Long Beach Island

When the sun goes down and stars brighten up a dark sky, the nightlife turns on in LBI. There are bars and live music and even a newly remodeled performing arts theater. You could enjoy a fun nights with friends, followed by drinks at the beach bar, and a swim in the hotel pool. If you’re more interested in having a quiet night in, you’ll be happiest at a clean and comfortable sleep friendly hotel.

Hotels are the foundation of any good vacation. After a full day of enjoying your time on the Jersey Shore, getting a good night’s rest is the first thing on your mind. Hotels can be hectic, with people coming in and out of doors, walking up and down each floor. The noise could disturb your peace and quiet, not to mention the early morning noise made by inconsiderate staff. When you’re in the need of quiet time, an accidental wake up call or a noisy neighbor could potentially ruin your entire day. If a quiet hotel and a comfortable bed is important to you, look into Spray Beach HotelLorry’s Island End Motel, and Mariner Inn.

Follow these helpful tips to book a room that provides a peaceful rest:

  • Book a hotel that’s far enough from Beach Haven’s hub of activity
  • Visit during the off-season. Early spring, late summer, or Christmastime
  • Choose an oceanfront hotel so you the sound of waves blocks out voices
  • Book a room on top floor to minimize traffic
  • Avoid rooms that are nearby elevators

Long Beach Island Is The Place For You

Whether it’s by yourself, as a couple, or with your whole family, Long Beach Island is your chance at a refreshing getaway. As the waves crash onto the white Jersey sand,  you’ll be taking in the beautiful atmosphere as you enjoy having nowhere to go and nothing to do- unless you want to. Give yourself a break and relax on Long Beach Island this summer.