The Towns That Are Known as LBI

Last month we began a short series designed to introduce Long Beach Island to people who don’t know our beautiful town very well, yet.

If you missed that article, you can find it here:  LBI For Beginners

For the rest of you, we are going to take a look at the individual towns that, collectively, are called Long Beach Island ( LBI ).  I felt that it was important to address this issue directly.  You wouldn’t believe how many misunderstandings there are about this whole LBI thing.  I have actually witnessed arguments about this!

Is LBI an Actual Town in New Jersey?

Long Beach Island ( usually called LBI by locals ) is a collection of 6 small towns along the Atlantic coast in Ocean County, NJ. The 18 mile barrier island consists of 6 different towns, each with its own unique character:

  1. Long Beach Township
  2. Beach Haven
  3. Barnegat Light
  4. Ship Bottom
  5. Harvey Cedars
  6. Surf City

A Closer Look at Each LBI Town

We have written an article which gives a more thorough description of each town, you can find it here:  

LBI Towns: The Six Different Sections of Long Beach Island

My personal favorite is Beach Haven on the southern end of Long Beach Island.  My favorite LBI hotels and LBI restaurants are down there.  However, I recommend walking, biking, and exploring every inch of the 18 miles that LBI has to offer.  

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